Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cheese So Fresh You Could Slap It!

Now that all the smoke has cleared from the Memorial Day barbeques, it's time to kick off summer proper. At Saxelby Cheesemongers, we can't think of a better way embrace the heat than to bust out a selection of new, fresh cheeses. When the mercury goes up, forgo the oven and knock together a low maintenance dinner from a humble chunk of delicious cheese. Be it burrata, ricotta, fresh chevre, or beyond, these cheeses are sure to fill your belly, cut cooking time down to something you can count out on your ten fingers and toes, and keep the median temperature of your apartment in a comfy range. What's not to like?!

Here's what's happening in the fresh cheese department at Saxelby Cheesemongers:

Burrata is back. Yep, we couldn't wait any longer. The luscious, creamy stuff will be arriving each and every Thursday fresh from Philadelphia. Tote one of these bad boys home, slice it open amidst some salad greenery (or just a chunk of fresh bread) drizzle with olive oil, and voila! Dinner is done.

Vermont Shepherd's ricotta salata is making its first foray beyond state lines this summer! We are pleased as punch to count it among our favorite summer cheeses. Made from pasteurized sheeps' milk, this ricotta salata is dense, curdy, and has just the right amount of tang. Drizzle a bit o' honey on top, flick some sea salt on for good measure and try not to eat it all at once. 'Try' being the operative word there...

Beltane Farm's fresh chevre, one of our perennial favorites, has been most tasty over the past few weeks. Tangy, silky and mild, this cheese makes for a downright lovely schmear on bread, a tasty one-up to a quiche or frittata, and an ideal companion for smoked salmon. Now I've gone and got myself thinking about breakfast... a trip to Russ and Daughters will be in order.

Salvatore Brooklyn's smokey ricotta. Whoa. Need I say more? Their thick, addictive, dairy dream of a cheese is now getting the s'more treatment. Smokey ricotta is hung in a cheesecloth, smoked over cherry wood, and somehow comes out tasting like a toasted marshmallow. Skeptical? Well, to you non-believers, I offer up a taste. You know the old saying, 'they drunk the kool-aid?' We just might have to alter that adage to something more ricotta-centric.

Till next week! Keep the kitchen cool and the cooler full o' fromage!

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