Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saxelby Cheesemongers Announces (drumroll please...) Our Next Day A-Whey!

Day trip to Sprout Creek Farm and Mead Orchard
Sunday October 28th, 2007
8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Bus departs from Saxelby Cheesemongers
(Northeast corner of Essex St. and Delancey) at 8:30 am sharp!

For all of you who were out of town sunning yourselves for our last Day A-Whey, now's your chance to seize the cheese! Join Saxelby Cheesemongers on a cheesy excursion to Sprout Creek Farm to see first hand how our favorite dairy product is made. We'll tour the farm, enjoy a hearty picnic lunch, and then spend the afternoon picking apples at Mead Orchard just up the road in Tivoli, NY.

Summer may be over, but there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy a gorgeous day trip out of the city! The fall foliage will be breathtaking, the cows will be a-milking, and the apples ripe for the picking. Sit back, relax, and let us do the driving. All you have to bring is your appetite!

Our first stop is Sprout Creek Farm, a sustainable farm and creamery in Poughkeepsie. Daytrippers will observe Sprout Creek's creamery in action, and learn how cheese is made, from cow to cave, so to speak. Cheese maker Colin McGrath will explain the process and hold a Q & A session for all those curious about the mysteries of cheese! Visitors will then embark on a farm tour guided by Margo Morris, founder of Sprout Creek, to visit the gardens, barns, and on-farm market.

The tour will be followed by a scrumptious picnic lunch and featuring seasonal Greenmarket products and tons o' cheese. We'll relax in Sprout Creek's cozy converted barn and nosh on the best of the bounty the farmers' market has to offer. Daytrippers will be treated to a tasting of Sprout Creek's cheeses, including a few gems that have not yet been seen at NYC markets!

The next stop on our Day A-Whey will be Mead Orchards, located in gorgeous Tivoli, NY. We'll soak up a few more precious hours of sunshine and fill our bags (and our bellies too!) with loads of delicious apples.

The tour bus will return to Saxelby Cheesemongers by 6:00 pm, laden with plenty of cheese, apples, and happy daytrippers! Just think, you could be among them!!

For tickets ($85) visit:

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Cheese Ahoy! Hitherto Un-Tasted Cheese from Vermont

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

Fall is truly here. And with it has come an onslaught of new and delightful cheeses! The two most recent additions to Saxelby Cheesemongers' selection are Vermont Shepherd and Dancing Cow Farm, both located in that Green Mountain, cheese-laden state to the North. We have been happily noshing on their excellent cheeses, and can't wait for you to get in on the action!

If someone could be blamed for instigating the artisan cheese shenganigans that have swept over Vermont in the past 15 years, Vermont Shepherd would be high up on the list of suspects. Back in the mid-90's, when the idea of milking sheep was judged to be about as sane as running around naked through a briar patch, David and Cindy Major had their own ideas. They scooped up their family, went to France, and apprenticed with various cheese makers in the Pyrenees region, learning how to transform their sheeps' milk into succulent and fantastical cheese.

Vermont Shepherd was one of the first great American farmstead cheeses, a grandaddy in the game so to speak, and we are more than proud to have it gracing the shelves of our humble little cheese cave. It is a large, UFO-shaped wheel with a rustic natural rind and a rich, smooth, ivory-colored paste. David Major got into the sheep game because he wanted to be a grass farmer (his own words, I swear!) and man, can you taste that Vermont goodness in each melt-in-your-mouth morsel of cheese. His sheep graze on the family's ample pastures from late spring on into fall each year, keeping the land renewed and beautiful, and transforming that grass into lots of concentrated and delicious milk.

Dancing Cow, on the other hand, is a new star in the American cheese galaxy. Steve and Karen Getz, the farmers at Dancing Cow, started making cheese in November of 2005. Steve and Karen came to farming in a pretty roundabout way, like many other American farmstead cheese makers. They left their respective careers (he was in telecommunications and she was a mom with kids all grown up) and started out on a cheesy journey of their own making.

For the first year, they milked their cows and made hay, learning the ropes of dairy farming and getting attuned to the finer points of how to manage their land. The Getzes now make a little bouquet of certified organic, raw milk cheeses from their herd of 30 Jersey, Guernsey, and Dutch Belt cows. The cheese is made only when the cows are out on pasture, using the freshest milk they can muster. Most farms will store milk from multiple milkings (cows are milked twice a day) to use for cheese making. Steve and Karen make tiny batches of cheese with milk that is straight from the cow, meaning that it is handled barely at all, and is a pretty much dead-on representation of what the cows were out eating on that particular day.

Saxelby Cheesemongers is ecstatic to offer you a taste of their Bourree, a small-ish wheel of washed-rind buttery goodness, with a pungent, pliant yet firm paste. Sarabande, the other newbie from Dancing Cow is a truncated little pyramid of cheese with a vibrant orange rind dusted with little patches of downy white mold. It looks almost too good to eat... if cheese were jewelry (an odd and potentially smelly proposition) I would set it atop a gold ring and show it off all over town.

Come on in and try some for yourself! The new cheeses await!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jimmy's Brewhaha! It's a-comin'

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

Good morning cheeseheads...

Mark your calendars, get set, and go for another rollicking good tasting at Jimmy's no. 43 on Wednesday, September 26th! It may be early in the morning, but my motto is this: it's never too early to think about dessert.

Jimmy's Brewhaha!
Chocolate, cheese, and beer tasting with Saxelby Cheesemongers, em Chocolatier, and Jimmy's no. 43

Wednesday, September 26th
Jimmy's no. 43
43 E. 7th St.

Tickets $30
Two Seatings: 6:30-8:00 pm and 8:30-10:00 pm

What could be sweeter (or more savory) than a guided tasting of chocolate, cheese, and beer from some of New York's most passionate purveyors? Join in the Brewhaha as Saxelby Cheesemongers, em Chocolatier, and Jimmy's no. 43 team up to bring you eclectic and delectable pairings of American farmstead cheese, handmade truffles, and exotic craft beers. The tasting will feature five pairings of chocolate, cheese, and beer ranging from lemon mint truffles and creamy fresh goat cheese to homemade turtles paired with nutty brown ale. Anne Saxelby of Saxelby Cheesemongers, Ellen Mirsky of em Chocolatier, and Chris Cuzme of New York's Homebrewers Guild will faciliate the tasting, elucidating how each product is made and why some seemingly off-the-wall pairings taste so darn good together!

Reservations are required. To book a reservation, please send an email to or call Saxelby Cheesemongers at 212.228.8204.

And though you may know all the dirt on Saxelby Cheesemongers, here's the skinny on the talented twosome who are collaborating to make this Brewhaha happen:

em Chocolatier was founded by Ellen Mirsky, who for the past 10 years has graced the kitchens of some of New York City's premier restaurants. Ellen's unique, high-quality chocolates are distinguished by her off the beaten path pairings of fruits, herbs, and spices, creating decadent, complex, and nuanced flavors.

Jimmy's no. 43 is a neighborhood joint... restaurant and tavern extraordinaire dedicated to supporting local purveyors and food producers. In addition to its farmers' market driven menu, Jimmy's tap features some of the rarest and most sought after craft beers in the city.