Tuesday, September 05, 2006

cheesy weather

Welcome to fall! This weekend was utterly dreamy, and has gotten me
thinking of all the fun and fatty and delicious things I want to eat
when the weather starts turning chilly. Namely, lots more cheese. We
all need a little extra insulation from the cold, right? Time to put
away the white linen clothes and take out the big comfy sweaters!
I've been stocking my cave full to the gills with some ├╝ber tasty
stuff, so be sure to stop by and sample the new wares.

Willow Hill Farm:

New to the Saxelby Cheese ranks are three new sheeps' milk cheeses
from Willow Hill, all soft-ripened (i.e. brie like and gooey) and all
scrumptious. Vermont Brebis is like a sheeps' milk camembert… a
succulent little round of creamy goodness. Summer Tomme is covered in
rosemary, and is aromatic and fluffy textured and divine. Alderbrook
is a little pyramid guy, buttery and creamy with a bit of a tangy

Uplands Cheese Company Pleasant Ridge Reserve:

This cheese is actually an old standby, but needs a special shout out
because it is hearty and amazing and is just the thing to take the
chill off a breezy September eve. Made in the tradition of a good
French Comte or Swiss Gruyere, P.R.R (much like rappers, some cheeses
are cool enough to have a stage name) is robust and thick and has an
ideal balance of salt to carmelly sweetness. Good grief, this cheese
is good.

Welcome back to the week! May the cheese be with you.