Monday, August 28, 2006

cheeseplate at Exit Art event

Saxelby Cheesemongers provided plates for 200 people at an Exit Art event.
The show is wonderful. Check out the site for more info.

Butter is Back.

To those of you who I've left in the lurch without butter these past
few weeks, I plan to make things right again! A big old block of
Evans butter is on it's merry way down from upstate as I write. Now
that the weather is turning cooler, the butter isn't quite so fragile
and can make the trip from farm to Saxelby Cheesemongers (literally)
in one piece. So let's all celebrate and get fat together. Come on
down and get a block of butter, some buttered bread, or take a butter
bath… (that last option is for the hard core. proceed at your own

In other news, Saxelby Cheesemongers is super excited to announce the
advent of the Saxelby Cheese platter… It's big. It's round. It's
covered with cheese. Platters can be ordered for as little or as many
folks as you are feeding. Just say the word and voila! A cheesy
bonanza for your party. Check out pictures on our blog
( to see our cheese platters in action.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Is there a doctor in the house?

Man, I feel a little bit like Doogie Howser sitting down at the
keyboard this morning… Not sure why, I mean, I'm pretty sure he did
all of his philosophizing at night and so far I haven't experienced
that weird audible interior monologue that always coincided with his
typing. Maybe I am secretly coveting the life of a sixteen-year-old
wonderboy/doctor? Selling cheese just isn't glamorous enough? No, it
surely can't be that. Hmmm… I guess I'll just have to mull that one
over a little bit more on my own.

The real (non-Doogie) story this week comes from the tiny town of
Cornwall, Vermont, where Michael Lee and Emily Sunderman have a little
goat dairy called Twig Farm. If you've been to the shop, you've heard
me wax poetic about how great Twig Farm cheeses are, but now that I've
seen it all first hand, I have SO much more to blather about! I'll
give you the short version here, and the long version when you come in
to the shop to taste their incredible cheese.

Michael makes his cheeses, Twig Farm Goat Tomme, Twig Wheel (aka Soft
Wheel) and Square Cheese from the milk of his 17 goats, which are
mostly Alpine with a tiny touch of Nubian. Alpine milk, like Jersey
milk in the cow cheese world, is very rich and fine, giving the cheese
a superior texture, taste, and overall quality. Nubian goats, on the
other hand are super cute and have those long floppy ears that make me
giggle like a three-year-old who has just been given a cupcake. As to
the nutritional aspects of their milk, I'll have to do further

The thing that really makes their cheese really special is this: The
goats are reared on a diet that is 95% pasture and 'browse' (i.e.
trees, shoots, brambles and other goodies the goats find in the field)
which means that each goat gives less milk overall, but that the milk
is richly concentrated in flavor and truly has terroir, just like
wine! After following Michael around the pasture and hearing him
point out innumerable native grasses, herbs, and plants that 'the
girls' get to munch on, I got it. The goats are what they eat. And
they are eating incredibly varied and delicious stuff. When you taste
Michael and Emily's cheeses, you'll see what I mean.

If you'd like to hear more about Twig Farm, don't despair! I will
write even more in the coming days on the blog!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Fresh Dairy Update

This is the debut issue of the fresh dairy update, just to keep
everybody informed about the treasures that populate my walk-in
cooler. Sure, they're used to playing second fiddle to the cheese,
but this week, they're in the limelight. Aw, go on, make em' feel

Indian Run Farm Free Range Eggs:
Ok, so this isn't exactly dairy, but it is fresh, and eggs and dairy
have always been a match made in heaven. Just had to get this one out
of the way. Sold by the dozen, half dozen, or individually.

Evans Farmhouse Creamery Creamline Milk:
The richest and most delicious milk in town. The cream layer on top
is so thick; you can scrape it off and slather it on your toast.
Available in quarts and half gallons.

Evans Farmhouse Creamery Buttermilk:
Cultured milk that drinks like yogurt. Take it home and make some
pancakes, or do like the Europeans do and just guzzle it down.

Evans Farmhouse Creamery Creamline Yogurt:
This non-homogenized yogurt is the stuff dreams are made of. Made by
the Evans' 'yogurt team' aka their four daughters, creamline yogurt
comes in lemon, blackberry, orange, double maple, and of course, plain
old plain.

Three Corner Field Farm Sheep's Milk:
Like a milkshake… or at the very least, good fresh cream. Milder and
sweeter than goat's milk, but with the same gentle touch for tummies
that are sensitive to cow's milk. Live on the edge. Drink sheep's

Three Corner Field Farm Sheep's Milk Yogurt:
Oh la la. The texture of this yogurt lies somewhere north of the
custard line. Heavy and thick, is great for cooking, noshing on, or
mixed with honey or fresh preserves as an easy and fantastical

Coming Soon…

Stone and Thistle Farm Fresh Organic Goat's Milk:
I had to round out the fresh milk trifecta and get some goat milk.
What can I say? I just flat out love it.

Also back in action starting next week:
Evans Farmhouse Crème Fraîche and Evans Farmhouse Butter

My favorite cheesehead

Good morning cheeseheads!

My favorite cheesehead, who also happens to be my mom, (born and
raised in southern Wisconsin) is here in the city for the week to hang
out at the cheese shop and spruce the place up a bit. Come on by the
shop and if you ask nicely, she'll give you a taste of one of her

Pam's Picks for Cheese:

Cobb Hill Farm Ascutney Mountain:
What's not to like about this cheese?! It's made from raw cows' milk,
aged for 10 months, and has every kind of nutty and crunchy sweetness
your little heart could desire. Popularity contests stink (bring back
too many memories of junior high and the like) But truth be told,
Ascutney is the number 1 seller at Saxelby Cheesemongers. Just goes to
show you, mom's got good taste!

Twig Farm Soft Wheel:
Soft wheel is a washed-rind raw goat's milk cheese from the farm of
Michael Lee and Emily Sunderman. It is pleasantly creamy and has just
the right balance of grassy, pungent, and goaty flavors. Seriously,
this cheese is a dreamboat.

Lazy Lady Farm Buck Hill Sunshine:
Laini Fondiller, cheese maker and PUNdit, said of this cheese: 'creamy
and brie-like, but whey better!' That just about sums it up. Buck
Hill Sunshine is made from the milk of Laini's neighbor's cows up in
Westfield VT and has an awesome amount of cow-y animal flavor locked
in under that unassuming little white rind. It won't arrive till
later this week (probably Thursday) so you have something to look
forward to!

Other things that Pam wants you to know about:

Saxelby Cheesemongers T-Shirts are now on sale!

Womens: $18
Mens: $15

Gift Certificates are all up in the cheese shop.

Available in $25 and $50 certificates.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


If you missed Bread & Butter then you really missed out!

We had about 150 people and ended up moving over to The Tasting Room's new space on Elizabeth. Mother nature calls the shots, and we got rained out of the garden. Maybe next year. But it was a wonderful event and we raised enough money to send the Evans to Terra Madre 2006. We will make sure to keep you updated on the trip and plan to follow up with a farm visit in the fall.

Thanks for your support!

hot cheese in the summertime!

We're in the middle of another one of those heat wave things. Dang.
My best advice is this: Find an air-conditioned locale, buy some
cheese and bread and beer, and have a picnic. Avoid turning your oven
on at all costs!

Cheeses that I like during hot sticky weather: (ok, well I kind of
like all of them, but anyways…)

Lazy Lady Farm Trillium:
A new one from Laini Fondiller up at Lazy Lady Farm. This pasteurized
cheese is made from a mix of goats' milk and cow's milk from her
neighbor's farm. The cheese is mold ripened and has three layers of
vegetable ash in it, forming a distinctive goat-cow-goat tower of
milky goodness!

Beltane Farm Danse de la Lune:
A little crottin of goat cheese from beautiful southeastern
Connecticut. Danse de la Lune has it all… (including a killer fancy
sounding french name) good salt, good goaty flavor, and a dense
creamy texture that melts in your mouth, and most probably in your
hand too.

Cato Corner Farm Hooligan:
For those daring folks who not only want to defy convention and eat
cheese in the middle of summer, but also want to take on the stinky
stuff! Hooligan is rocking right now! It is winy, prune-y and
pungent… and the best part is, you only have to leave it out on your
countertop for minutes for it to get nice and gooey. Take advantage
of the heat! Eat stinky cheese!