Monday, July 03, 2006

Evans Farmhouse Creamery 101

Dave and Sue Evans are third generation dairy farmers from Norwich, New York. In the late 1990’s, discouraged by low bulk milk prices set by the federal government, the Evans made the bold decision to convert to certified organic standards. The logic behind the change was: if they controlled the production process from start to finish, they could guarantee the highest quality milk, add value to their products, and make their farm viable again. Today the farm is a great success, supplying some of the best milk, butter, yogurt, and cheese available in the United States. Dave Evans goals are simple: to create a healthy product at a reasonable price, to promote local agriculture, and to preserve his farm for his kids.

To Read More about the Evans and how they've helped to change their community, please click on the last link in our list entitled Evans Farmhouse Article.

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