Monday, June 12, 2006

week of 06.12.06 // is that pate?

No rain this weekend, yay! I hope you all took advantage and picnicked your brains out. I was bopping around town picking up some new goat cheeses from the farmers market, and spreading the good cheese word with my stalwart friend and fellow cheesemonger, Annaliese Griffin. (Thanks for being the pinch hitter, A-Train!) Looking forward to this week, there is tons of great cheese on the horizon. I hope you wore your eatin’ pants…

New Arrivals:

Jasper Hill Farm Winnimere:
To quote Tower of Power, this cheese is funkafied. This little washed rind wonder from Jasper Hill is wrapped in bark, giving it the appearance of something much meatier. In fact, several folks last weekend asked if it was paté. That, good friends, is the sign of a BEAST of a cheese. The flavor is gamey and rich, ranging all the way from sweet cream to peanut butter, with some pine needle-y foresty notes thrown in there for good measure. This is the last you’ll see of it this season, so jump on the stink wagon while the jumping’s good.

Cobb Hill Farm Four Corners Caerphilly:
Modeled after the famous Welsh cheese, Cobb Hill’s Caerphilly is full of mossy, earthy notes, and can call to mind eating a fresh lovin’ spoonful of dirt! But in the way that only cheese can do, Cobb Hill Caerphilly turns that into an attribute as well. This is a wonderful cheese for snacking on for a hearty lunch, and would pair splendidly with a rich amber beer or glass of a fruity zinfandel.

Beltane Farm Danse de la Lune:
A creamy little mold-ripened pasteurized goat cheese from Lebanon Connecticut. Danse de la Lune has a light creamy, melt-in-your mouth texture and has a touch of that goaty tang that we all know and love. Or, at least some of us anyways. A superb summer cheese! Assuming it ever warms up.

Lazy Lady Farm ?:
To be honest, I totally forgot the name of this cheese. It seems like every week, the ladies up at LLF are coming out with a new cheese, or an old cheese with a new name. I know that this one is pasteurized goat’s milk, and is modeled after Chabichou, which happens to be one of my all time favorite goat cheeses. I would probably go to jail for that cheese, if the circumstances were right. It will be arriving later in the week, so watch out for a cute little cylinder o’ goat love in the cheese case.


A-Train said...

Hi Anne! It was a cheesy pleasure working with you. And, I documented and gave some of my favorite cheesy buddies a shout-out on Grocery Guy.
I ate half a Kunik by myself this weekend, by the way. Can't wait to stop by and try the new Lazy Lady...

Goldpimp said...

How expensive are the cheeses? I notice often that prices for goat cheese can vary wildly. What is the reasons for this? I know some are imported. How long does goat cheese stay fresh?